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Castings Happen is a family owned and operated business that enriches the lives of all your plants and gardens. This 100% natural non-burning non-toxic fertilizer not only enriches the plants and vegetables but it is enriching the soil as well. Vermiculture is the process of creating. We sell an all-purpose natural fertilizer that comes to you straight from nature with no alterations whatsoever. Our worms are fed a very rich organic material which contains a wide variety of minerals and trace elements. The earthworms digest this material and in its' passage through the worm, it is beneficially altered both chemically and physically. The end product is an extremely fertile organic fertilizer properly conditioned for best root growth, containing in rich proportion and water soluble form, all the elements required of the earth for optimum plant nutrition.

Earthworm Castings are an excellent all natural plant food that comes to you directly from Mother Nature in their purest form. For millions of years the incredible earthworm has been one of nature's greatest producers of readily available plant food. When used in greater concentrations than found in nature, this non-burning long lasting fertilizer can provide remarkable benefits.

This can be used on any plant life Annuals, Perennials, Lawns, Gardens, Flowers, and all houseplants. This is the safest and most effective way to enrich your soil.



It takes hard work and good instincts to make a beautiful Garden or a flower bloom. We have the product to make your garden flourish!


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